Tailem Bend Cruises

Water cruises around Tailem Bend

Currently there are no cruising options in Tailem Bend however just upriver you can enjoy a short cruise with Captain Proud or longer overnight cruising with Proud Mary.

Heading up river to the spectacular cliffs is a sight to behold or enjoy the lower reaches of the Murray River is a relaxing time out. Either way you have the best of the Murray River at your leisure!

Proud Mary

Departs Murray Bridge: Australia’s Murray River is one of the world’s legendary rivers, in fact it is Australia’s most famous river. Mysterious, massive and meandering 2,320 km, it ranks with the Mississippi, the Nile and the Amazon. Boasting some of the most spectacular and rugged Australian landscapes, the Murray River is home to an array …

Address: Proud Mary, Murray Bridge, South Australia 5253